Experimenting with AR and teaching

Recently I've been trying to make chemistry and biology sessions for my undergrads a little more interesting. I've started experimenting with the inclusion of some AR in my lectures to try and aid visual learners to see what I'm talking about, and kinesthetic learners a chance to 'have a go' and interact with an object. … Continue reading Experimenting with AR and teaching

A quick one on assessments

I wanted to write something about my philosophy of assessments. I use my assessments to encourage exploration of the subject and to direct learning. Although, there are some restraints in that I have to show that learning outcomes have been met and show competency (professional programme lecturer here). But, there are ways to encourage learning … Continue reading A quick one on assessments

SOLSTICE 2019 – Edge Hill University

High Fidelity Simulation: Using technology to enhance simulation in Paramedic Practice SOLSTICE Conference 2019 – Edge Hill University – Presentation A demonstration of Advanced Life Support in an Immersive Environment and presentation of the technology used to increase the formative assessment potential and student experience of immersive simulation and digital devices used to create this … Continue reading SOLSTICE 2019 – Edge Hill University