I’ve just been accepted!

What to do before you actually get to Uni. This chapter explores what you do and don't need to do between getting accepted, and actually arriving at the university accommodation. As always, these posts are based upon my own experience, please reply to any if you want to add anything or don't agree with me.

Digital Literacy: Information Literacy

Google scholar

Information literacy skills are those that are required to determine the quality of a source. But not only this, information literacy skills can aid in your searching for the correct information. By being able to filter out the plethora of information available on the Internet, you can improve your knowledge and increase your effectiveness in … Continue reading Digital Literacy: Information Literacy

Digital Literacy: Technical literacy

Technical literacy on a blank page in a dyslexia friendly font

Although 6th on the list of domains for the HEE digital literacy proficiency, technical proficiency is the first area that I want to discuss.  Although not many may see the benefit of being technically proficient, it does have its benefits when approaching digital literacy. Not only will these be beneficial in choosing a device, but … Continue reading Digital Literacy: Technical literacy