Welcome to my eBook!

So, you are going to Uni…..

This is my developing alternative to an eBook. On this page you will find the ‘chapter’ introductions, and from those you can see the individual posts. Please remember that this is my personal views and experiences, and you may find more about your University specific learning materials or preferences when you get going.

I have had a couple of requests (more like ‘I wanted to do that!’) from others to write a post, so you may see the odd guest piece. My viewpoint is generally tech or digital literacy, so others may jump in to make this more holistic or grounded. We will see how that goes!

Welcome to my book!

Chapter introductions

I’ve just been accepted!

What to do before you actually get to Uni. This chapter explores what you do and don’t need to do between getting accepted, and actually arriving at the university accommodation. As always, these posts are based upon my own experience, please reply to any if you want to add anything or don’t agree with me.

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