I keep joking about writing a book…

blank book pages

…but a blog will have to do. One thing I have been interested in is what does a student need to know before coming to Uni? Possibly also moving into the first few weeks or months of Uni too. And, for a while, I have been toying with the idea of writing an eBook on the topic. But I don’t really have time to write a book. And even if I did, I wouldn’t know where to start with the next bits. So, the next best thing is going to have to be a collection of blog posts, and I might even then attempt to get these published one day.

Why though? What’s the point? Firstly, we all make mistakes. And some of them can be costly. Going to University for the first time is exciting, and you can end up (as I did) with a car full of stuff you’ll never use, driving to a campus over 100 miles away you have never even visited before. I have a collection of degrees, two under-grad and two post-grad. I wanted to share the lessons I’ve learnt from being an 18-year-old traditional entry BSc (Hons) student through to working on my doctorate at 34 (at the time of writing). I have made mistakes, I have taken the long road because I didn’t know the shorter route existed. I have had to read and write in a new language (not literally, just feels like it with academic English), work and act in a different way (part of being a registered professional, but pre-registrants also need to be cautious).

This will be my experiences and what I have discovered along the way. Also some insight from the other side, from being a lecturer. You might do things differently, but we all need to start somewhere. But there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to start a little further along than I did.

So far my notes of chapters include…..

  • So you just got accepted to uni…
  • How to read academically
  • How to write academically
  • How to cheat in academia (not literally cheat, but how to make your life easier and take the short route to where you need to be without learning how to get there as well as everything you need for the destination)
  • How to act like an undergrad
  • Other tips and tricks

Also keep an eye on my digital literacy series as there will be some post and links that will be of use to you too.

The other issue with writing a book is if I post link-outs to resources, they’ll change! With this blog, I can keep on top of the changes to these.  And if I don’t, if a link is broken or old (or starts to ask for payment to access, although I might link to freemium resources) give me a nudge and I will amend it. If you don’t agree, or want me to add something to a post, let me know and I will consider it. If you want to write a guest post, let me know about that too.

I suppose I better make a start and stop justifying me being lazy and doing it this way.

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