Digital literacy and me; an intro to future posts.

Picture of a keyboard

The rise of the requirement for digital literacy in the workplace is increasing. In the next few blog posts are going to discuss the individual skills that make up in digital literacy comma and produce the little narrative on each. I’m going to take a look at the individual skills and how you can increase your own digital literacy by concentrating on these areas. As a health academic my interest is mainly in healthcare and the education of registered healthcare professionals. So these posts are probably going to orientate around this theme, but I will consider digital literacy as a larger topic.

Digital literacy is self is a set of skills or competencies, or even proficiencies, that in the context of an undergraduate education can prepare the students for the world of work. There is more emphasis on the use of technology to be an effective on efficient worker; and the importance of around a digital literacy is becoming ever evident.  although these skills are denoted as digital illiteracy, they are also useful in everyday life away from digital technologies. If you take a look at my podcast I discussed how information literacy can be useful when doing something as simple as reading a newspaper. These might be skills that you already use in everyday life, but there can be readily transferred into a digital environment.

I hope you find these blog posts informative. I will be basing them around the HEE framework on digital literacy as this is the most influential on my own personal academic work. Although will be doing it this way these literacies are also reflected in other competency frameworks that are freely available such as the JISC framework and the DigiComp framework. The difference is there may be more in emphasis on evidence-based practice in healthcare, and more on a professional facing social media presence.

I have started to collect some of these skills in one of my previous posts. I am aiming to keep this updated with links to materials that you might find useful to build your own digital literacy. These are collected into the individual proficiencies of the HEE digital literacy framework. You can find these here.

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