Skills for digital literacy

I wanted to start to collate some of the resources I use to encourage improvement of digital literacy. I use these resources to help guide my students to aid in their time in academia, and give them to colleagues to help with their digital literacy too. I want to start to build a repository that I can share with others, and this seems to be the best method to do so.

I will start by breaking down the digital literacy capabilities and listing resources for each; and a few general resources too. These are broken down using the Health Education England (HEE) capabilities that have been developed based upon the JISC framework from 2012. I have used these as they are the most relevant to my work area. Even though they are based on health, they are applicable to all disciplines so feel free to link to this page!

These may seem like a random collection of links to learn a specific skill, but the more you learn how to use each piece of software or tool, your confidence and digital literacy will develop. Just don’t be afraid to try new things and innovate. You won’t break it, there is normally a way backwards. If you get stuck, try ‘googling’ the issue and you will normally find a step-by-step guide.

Just a quick warning, some of these links do go strait to a pdf file. On a sustainability note, consider printing it into OneNote instead (see below if you do not know how to do that yet!). Unfortunately, these may not all be free but may be subscribed to by your business/institution. I also do not own and did not author these links, I’m not taking credit, money or responsibility if you use them.

General Guidance

Technical Proficiency

Creation, Innovation and Research

  • Mendeley reference manager help guides –
    • Just as a side note, if you want to use Mendeley desktop, use a personal email not academic/institutional. It is worth it as you get better access and it is free account anyway (at the time of writing).
  • Refworks ProQuest guides –
  • Want to add something different in the classroom? Sara is looking at AR in teaching in schools, take a look at her blog here –

Information, data and content

Teaching, learning and self-development

Communication, collaboration and participation

Digital identity, well-being, safety and security

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