The Deep/Hull

This is somewhere I have wanted to go for a long time. I knew that would be passing when we went away for the weekend so made a little time for a visit. Even though I’d like to talk about the aquarium (which is pretty amazing), I need to keep on the TEL topic I think.

After coming across the geological sand pit I am more on the lookout for little snippits of TEL where I wouldn’t expect them. In this case, it was in the middle of what I can only describe as a walk through freezer, towards the Penguins.

Sea level and land mass

The idea is fairly simple and really well done. There was a globe that you can spin a band to change the sea level, with a visual representation of the surface of the Earth. You can also move the globe and see what happens on different land masses. This was an interactive and interesting way to teach about the effect of climate change, to raise awareness of how little a change in sea level is required to greatly reduce the land mass. But, what I found interesting, was you could remove water to see the topography of the sea bed.

98.57% land mass left!

This looks to a be a projector inside the unit, and some way of detecting touch on the hemisphere.

The topography of the sea bed with almost 9km of water level removed.

This globe also came with some material on global warming and the expansion of the sea water due to temperature rises. Which I liked, as I kind of felt that the GeoPark needed a little explanation about what was going on with their sand pit.

Information on global warming

I think this is another great example of accidental learning. One of my motivations for encouraging the use of TEL is to move away from paper for sustainability, so a TEL device that is centred around this theme got me a little excited.

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