Tonight I took part in the last #LTHEchat before an Easter break.  If you haven’t ever seen one of these, it is a great way to share your views on questions asked by a weekly guest speaker.  The host @LTHEchat runs this chat every Wednesday from 2000-2100 on Twitter, and it is a great way to discuss various subjects around Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.  If you are new to HE it might be a good way of finding new and innovative approaches, even if you don’t want to join in (but everyone is friendly, even when it turns into a discussion). Tonight was especially interesting as the guest host was the person who introduced me to the chat in the first place during my PGCE in Teaching in Higher Education.  A lot of the guests do discuss technology, but also new and emerging pedagogical approaches are not an uncommon topic.  If you are interested in HE, this is definitely worth a look. To coin (paraphrasing and adding a little) one of the comments tonight, it is an hour of easy CPD activity that is interesting, interactive and you might just learn something!

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